China’s nemesis! Drinking water side and a sore throat. Leech found in bronchial Island How big ovals

Eat, drink sideways in the water while returning from school. But shortly afterward, he felt pain in the neck. Dizziness so strange to see a doctor after examining doctor was shocked to find that leeches are perched in the air of the young. And sucking blood It grew by more than 7 cm and length together.


Later, the doctors put the leeches that come out successfully. Mother of the boy said he never told her about drinking water from the water tank. It is considered a very lucky that we do not have any infectious complications.

The boy was reported as saying. “I will not drink of the water again.”


Leech (English: Slug) is the common name of Thailand called invertebrates second group, which has a different body structure, the first leech sucking the blood (scientific name: Haemadipsa sylvestris) as well as the leech falls. Phylum Annelida class hip room in Empress (class Hirudinae) and the second group is snails and sea slugs (Phylum Mollusca), a group of animals with shells and cartridges.

The Kaziranga National Park in the northeast of India. Protection of wildlife habitat here is the danger of patrol officers. They are often attacked by slugs. The blood of small arms have sensors that are breathtaking. Its body is covered with a light-sensitive cells. It specializes in moving and jumping shadow on everything beneath. If it comes down to it, it will not be as bad as you leave it at that. The heat in the body of the victim, lead to the end of the slugs. Leech fanged teeth and three 300 teeth to try to break through your skin. Slugs feed on blood in the top five, because it was more than five times its body weight. The blood of the snail is reminiscent of medieval medicine. During the glory in France Estimated that each year more than 400,000 gallons of leech sucking blood from the patient, and most of the body parts that should not be possible. According to her, a collection of objects medical antiquity. Historically it was used leeches to suck out the bad out. For example, when fever is a leech sucking the blood out. To achieve balance Understand that biology is not about to end. The treatment is being neglected because obviously it does not do anything more. But today the medical use of leeches to suck blood to remove excess blood and reduce the swelling that occurs after surgery. This tissue and blood flow together. Will slug it out for blood in it is toxic to tissues. While not everyone will like the idea of taking the blood-sucking leeches to treat the wound. But it works remarkably. And animals to lose more when the snail attack. Somewhere in the swamps Slugs may suck blood until the frog is dead. And how the torture death But there are many more in our ranks.