This baby crying abandoned by his parents, attract nocturnal animals. You will not believe what had appeared.

It is nothing new that we love animals. It is, they are cute, funny and loyal and is a clear example of this cat Russians do something that nobody expected a small abandoned town of Obninsk baby shows with animals. a more “human” than some people.

10 things parents should know about the newborn.


This may be a little more for a newborn, you should know it. Newborn Baby is a cute story. There are many special things Different, unique The mother, only to learn and see things with your own eyes.

10 things you should know about newborn.

1. newborn baby may look funny, not fat, chubby, plump as you think.

But some children, it may be wrinkled body. But that turns out to look like. My parents would look so cute and just course of 1-2 weeks, it starts to shape cute to me.

2. Do not expect to hear the buzzing or the smiles of my children.

Because most babies will ring or six weeks to smile about it.

3. During the first 1-2 weeks without a bath sponge for children too.

Because children are not very dirty, use a sponge to it. The only rubs it gently on the ball enough. The skin is very fragile here.

4. The sensitivity in the body of a baby not to touch frequently.

It may harm the baby, as it easily binds to both the head and the back. It is not to be feared, press or roll it.

5. I will signal to let you know that children get enough nutrients.

The baby will eat every 2-3 hours to urinate very often. Or observation of changing no less than six parcels in the daytime. But if the urine from diapers, you may not have the ball enough.

6. Dry skin:

Newborn skin is dry, normal. Some children peeling skin And rash on face If itching or redness, inflammation is unusual, immediately seek medical help immediately.

7. should wash your hands when you touch the newborn.

Because the skin of newborn babies are fragile, easy to infection than normal. It should not take a newborn to crowded places or with people at risk of disease outbreak here.

8. The baby will cry a lot.

This is normal A crying baby can communicate the best during this time. When a baby wants to send a signal by crying as hunger, lethargy, abdominal pain, and so on.

9. newborn child -3 It will take many months to go to sleep.

But only 2-3 hours to sleep, only to wake up, eat and sleep. But if the baby sleep for more than three hours. You need to wake up their children to eat them. Or ask your doctor about sleep too long the children slept less did not sleep very well.

10 hours of birth is very short.

Just a few months had passed quickly. You should keep an impression of it. Do not miss a day, you can do it. Which is blessed with one of your own.