Encontró un bebé recién nacido en una caja. Entonces lo tomó e hizo algo que sorprendió al mundo

This story is really inspiring. Wei, a Chinese woman walking every day to work, he found a strange package in the street. She thought it was a simple box with garbage inside, so did not care. Later he heard a cry and then approached to inspect.

Inside the box it was a little baby should have only a few days of life. She took him in her arms and he realized he was hungry he suckled there.

The girl lives in Xianyang 26 years and have a baby, so he could feed the abandoned child without problems. Inside the box there was also a bag of milk and 100 yuans ($ 15) .The people began to gather at the scene and tried to help the baby. They gave him water to Wei and waited until police arrived to take charge of the matter.

The baby was not injured, but social workers who examined suspect who has cerebral palsy and perhaps other problemas.Las people were surprised with the act of Wei and history has spread through social networks.

It was when he realized that inside the box was a newborn baby she immediately took him out of that box and then suckled because he realized that he was hungry, the woman has a baby, so he had no trouble feeding the baby I had found.

Inside the box there were 100 yuans are $ 15, and a bag of milk, several people gathered trying to help the boy, gave him some water to the woman and were waiting for the authorities arrived, they found the baby he had no wound, but they were suspecting that had cerebral palsy. This case has spread in social networks and many have been admired for the way this mother responded, although some said that is not good nursing an unknown baby allegedly diseases that are transmitted, the incident occurred in a city of China called Xianyang.

Comments celebrate the action of the young mother who helped the baby. However, there were others who said that despite the tender it may seem, is not correct feeding a baby unknown diseases that can be transmitted.