I found the most shocking thing in my life.

What everyone does not want to give birth in their own homes is the most bizarre stories. Who can not find an explanation, such as the moving shadows or strange noises. Eerie. For this clip One man is often heard strange sounds. Inside his house But every time I did not find anything unusual. Until this He heard crying inside the house He has picked up a camera to capture it. I have found the most frightening of his life.

Everyone knows that it will not come as a doctor. All students must pass the same night duty … though it takes about 4-5 eight medical students, a man was walking to replace Ward. The atmosphere along the corridor to the elevator was quiet. Not even close, but suddenly I looked up to the way they met a man wearing khaki. He did not think anything That’s because an officer was sent. But walk into it. I felt goose bumps rushing up the body. I looked at the man noticed that the flow of arms and legs did not move at all !! When walking, he saw that the man had no legs. And was floated on the air !! When I saw this, he was rushed to the elevator. Prior to lift off the khaki uniform men then turned and smiled


This news had been brought together locals do not dare go to the hospital because it was taken while talking headless ghost though. The folklore is that people have to watch over his sister in the hospital. The stay includes a patient must share bathrooms. From observation, it does not have a relative who is a patient at about 2 pm, she went to the toilet. I opened the door, she found a man wearing a pink shirt, which was a surprise because previously there was a patient who is not even one. He turned back to look at their bed. I turned back, I feel scared almost fainted seeing the man standing with a young woman decapitated. And his right hand man, said the head of a young woman carrying it with !! Rushed to the hospital. The nurse did not seem alarmed. The short answer is that “Oh.. There are people across this two already in.”

The most important part of science It is an experiment But just how bad it is. If that experiment The temptation to ignore the ethical, humanitarian and human authenticity. Of course, the human consequences of those trials. It is indeed a bad place to be predictable.