Man caught his wife cheating on him with hidden cam ¡you can´t miss it!

This couple was having a lot of problems lately and all they did was argue about anything. The man began to think and to suspect that the woman was unfaithful with another man, and therefore decided to hide a video camera in the room.

It is not the first video of this kind that circulates on the Internet but if one of the most watched since it has almost 2,000,000 persones. As if an entire city had seen the video. Many people!

To get in position on the subject of infidelity and as a curiosity, for example, Mexico is the country where women are infidels according to the page. Among the 36 countries that currently this portal. Perhaps for this reason, this man was driven to try to record what was his wife when he was not. And the surprise was not small as you can see in the video below you’ll find below this post. We do not know the details of how was the relationship, if had long worked well or having problems. But keep in mind that it is a very important factor

What certainly was not expected is that the person who cheated him out neither more nor less than the charwoman. Surely this man another man more handsome than expected. But he was quite wrong. The surprise was not small.

Here we share the video that has seen almost over 2,000,000 people (the current date) and is traveling around the world. The video is recorded with a good camera, has nothing to do with the blood banking card or anything. It is a hidden camera recording. Anyway I will give later a 360-degree video about the event, made with a GoPro.

The last pirouette GoPro video portends a future of immersive action. In the audiovisual NAB, which starts today in Las Vegas, the company has announced a new channel GoPro VR, dedicated to collecting action videos recorded by a camera 360 degrees.

These videos can be viewed on any smartphone with a specific app, but to get the best effect the company recommends using virtual reality viewers for smartphone, as manufactured by Google or Samsung models for the Galaxy line.

In addition to the channel, the company has created a new application to broadcast such videos in real time and will market a support for cameras, dubbed Omni capable of shooting in all directions.

Omni Hero uses six cameras, camera models traditional GoPro action, pointing in various directions. An application is responsible then combine the images into a single video stream 360 degrees. It is not a cheap device. The model with six cameras including cost 4,500 euros plus tax, but the company will also sell the rimless cameras for users who already have the six necessary.

It is a bold attempt to revive a market increasingly indifferent bet. The selling calls action cameras, GoPro a category that can boast of having created out of nothing and which still holds a significant market share, has slowed dramatically in recent years. Several analysts suggest that among users no hurry to renew the old models because these cameras are extremely rugged and video quality has not changed significantly. GoPro also has a lot more competition. Companies like Sony, Panasonic Garmin or have been launched in recent years to hunt for extreme athletes, often with budgets millionaires promotion.

Challenged, GoPro has chosen to open its platform.

Click play to watch the full video and do not miss the man’s reaction.