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This Husband Told His Wife He Was Going To A Bachelor Party. Where He Goes Instead?

As a little girl, Kris Farish spent a lot of time with her father on epic road trips in their family camper. They made memories to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, a tragic car accident would mean that Kris’s memories of these trips were all she’d have growing up. At 12, she was left fatherless.

The family never used that camper again. In fact, they went as far as giving it away.

This loss of her father was made harder by the loss of her memory-filled camper. She’d miss it for years to come.
Until one day…

Her loving husband Micah decided to do something. He set out on a search for the long-lost camper that his wife missed so much. Soon, he was able to find it through the vehicle identification number buried in some papers in their house. He didn’t hesitate. Micah told Kris he was headed to a bachelor party of all things, and he went on his way. He flew to California and bought the camper back. When she sees it? It’s the sweetest moment.

While her husband will never be able to change the fact that Kris grew up without her father, this act of kindness helped to ease the pain. It helped to reconnect her to her past. And now? They’ll make new memories in this very camper with their own two children. The tradition will live on.

Take a look for yourself:

“I had no clue! I was in shock for three days!”

New York Times bestselling author, Fran Lebowitz, once said of the easily offended, “Being offended is a natural consequence of leaving the house.” That quote has stuck with me since the day I heard it. I try my best to apply it to every situation where I find myself staring at the reprehensible actions of another human being. I say, “Yes, they’re repulsive. But it’s their right to be.”

But do those same rules apply when you’re stuck in a claustrophobic cylinder tens of thousands of feet in that air? I can’t walk away from your six-inch toenails on a plane. I can’t shiver and turn a cheek to you peeing into a 2L Coke bottle across the aisle. I’m stuck with you, you hairless ape. I’m not sure how I’d react, all I can do is hypothesize. But, at the very least, these hairless apes need to be put on a no-fly list. For the good of all things… good.