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You Wont Believe What This Store Clerk Does To This Woman And Her Baby

1. When we step outside and look at others, we never know what is going on with them. Some people talk to themselves, some many stagger as if they are drunk, some may even talk way too much. In this case, a woman was just staring.

This clerk is a hero. Instead of her laughing or calling her names, she felt concerned. Wait til you see what happened and why the woman was just staring at nothing


“She was just lost in space, so I thought I better take the baby, something doesn’t feel right. And then right there she started to fall and I wasn’t sure still exactly what was going on, so I yelled at a customer that was in the store


“Every time I watch the clip I shake because I don’t like it. It brings tears to my eyes,” Montano told Inside Edition.” Now I feel better because I know the girl is okay.”

It was the middle of the day in Atlanta. People were in the store. She wasn’t in a dark, deserted alleyway in the hood. To say Beatrice was concerned would have been an understatement, but she didn’t have time to deal with her fear. She had to be smart. She had to remain alert.
The man was very good looking wearing nice jeans, a leather jackets, with a clean haircut. He looked like a neighbor, a friend. He stepped back down the same aisle Beatrice was on. He held the phone in his hand without talking and just looked at her. She slid her sunglasses down her nose (Don’t ask me why she still had them on; I told you, she’s Dauntless.), peered over them made direct eye contact with him, and said,

The world isn’t a safe place, but we have to live in it. So what do we do? The answer is simple. No one is immune to this evil. It is not a respecter of persons and could target anyone from any walk of life. However, you can make yourself a difficult target, decreasing your risk, and that’s exactly what Beatrice did.
So, what can you do today? Share what you’ve learned here with someone else. Spread the word, making more and more people difficult targets. Raise your voice for hope.